Footprints from the air

The blue wharf
The paradise, under parasol
The green pool
Wood harvesting. Sierra de Béjar. Salamanca
Els Estrets d'Arnes. Tarragona
A beautiful house to live
The ice ear
Montgarri: when the shadows bring the night
Nival zipper
Ballon at the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Palm trees fields destroying the jungle. The boundary of disaster across Guatemala and Belize
Shadows of hikers on the beach. Mediterranean Sea
Fortress in the Mola de Colldejou. Tarragona. Spain
A road divide the fresh water from water contaminated by mining waste. Rio Tinto. Huelva. Spain
The shadow of the bridge
The footbridge
Priorat vineyards
Flowey cemetery
© Roberto Buenosite by Bluekea