Use and Fine Prints


Purchase of images and fine prints:

All the images shown in this web are just a small part of a photographic album I have accumulated for years. All of them are available for a decorative, commercial, advertising or informative use. The impression of any of the photographs that you have been able to see in this web, can be carried out in any type of format that choose and in any size of impression. Prices vary depending on the use, number, size or format chosen. If you are interested in buying any of the photographs, whether they are in the web or not, please contact me by email.

Transfer of images:

If any organisation asks me for images, I can transfer them for a non-commercial, advertising or lucrative use. A previous authorization would be needed as well as a copy of the material produced with those images. The source and propriety of the images would always be mentioned and the rules for transferring the images would be expressed in concrete terms.

Author’s copyright:

All the images are the author’s copyright. Every photograph shows the symbol © which represents it. The sale or transfer of images involves the cession of their reproduction, but not the cession of the author’s copyright.



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