The photographer


When you tremble with happiness, the photos get blurry
Being born and grown up in the shade of today’s Reserve of the Biosphere of La Sierra de Béjar, in Salamanca, and a member of a family who were very fond of their natural environment made me take a first interest in Nature. Therefore, I must thank my parents Félix and Conchi for their early teaching, my wife María and my daughter Olalla for their help and patience, and my brother Raúl for his interesting and useful walks together across woods and hills. 

The next step, the combination between Nature and Photography, was slow to arrive but inevitable. Ever since my first photographs, I have always enjoyed the images I could capture as well as the time spent in every wonderful scenery on this planet.
Then, my job took me to the Mediterranean coast where new landscapes and new people led me to a different photography.

In every landscape, with the best of all companions or in my own loneliness, I have lived and experienced all kind of sensations I can hardly put into words. My photographs reflect not only the beauty of our planet but also my own memories and biography. Unfortunately, they reflect Nature’s constant degradation in the hands of human beings as well. I wish my photographs, and also those of all my colleagues, could help us become aware of that degradation.

Thank you for your interest in this small web. Please enjoy the images and our planet too. It’s unique and extraordinary!


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